Italy led stage rental screen project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa's full-color LED stage rental screen was unveiled in Italy. With the breakthrough of Lianchengfa's imaging equipment technology, the use of full-color LED display screens can easily achieve scenes that could not be achieved by traditional scenery before. Lianchengfa's full-color LED display is more convenient and flexible in screen conversion than the traditional set, and can complete the screen conversion in an instant. Lianchengfa LED stage rental screen can play any imaginable picture, dynamic, static, lifelike, freehand, colorful content, and the effect is more vivid and lifelike. Not only has it brought new perfect enjoyment to the audience, but also formed new expectations and aesthetic associations. Liancheng publishes cultural and travel business performance solutions, providing stage design for the audience to help users uninterrupted high-definition live broadcast. It has a full set of professional audio and video processing system for on-site stage, an original full die-cast aluminum fully sealed cabinet, and a unique quick-lock design and seam fine-tuning mechanism, which can easily and quickly realize the entire screen high-precision seamless splicing, low brightness, high gray, and high brushing. The display screen is more delicate and vivid. The perfect combination of lifelike pictures and shocking music creates a dreamy stage effect, allowing the audience to be fully integrated into it, immersed in the warm live atmosphere, participating in the star-lit audio-visual feast throughout, and letting creativity ignite your stage performance force.

Product model: P8

Project area: 60 square meters

Project location: Italy

Project time: April 2014





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