Product Parameters

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Cabinet dimension:960*960mm

Cabinet weight:35KG

Cabinet material:Die-casting Aluminum

Pixel pitch:P8、P10、P12、P16

Refresh Rate:≥3840 Hz

Key Features

Offer competitive, reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Special quality

    High refresh rate

    Stable screen display

  • Soft mask design

    Soft mask protection pad

    Better protection for athletes

  • Independent support structure

    Mobile support design

    Support multi-angle adjustment

  • Multiple input

    Professional level court playback system

    Support for multiple inputs

  • Fast installation

    Perimeter screen splicing

    Square screen splicing

  • Front and rear the maintenance

    Quick Lock Design

    Support front and rear maintenance


Diversified Input, Cinema - Level Broadcast Effect

Professional course player software, supporting the diversified input of camera and video sources

Perfect support for DP/HDMI/VGA/SDL/DVD, etc

Support 4K/8K HD live broadcast, cinema level HD live broadcast effect

Soft Mask Design Technology, Better Protection of Athletes

Unique soft mask and soft protective pad design technology, even if touched, can still protect the safety of personnelThe module has its own calibration data storage, and automatically import data when changin


Extraordinary Picture Quality, Excellent Visual Experience

Ultra high contrast, high-definition picture stability, bring better audience experienceSuper high refresh rate, no drag, no flash screen, no water ripple, give you unparalleled visual feast


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