Solution overview

Meetings are everywhere. Every industry, company or organization needs them. The overall intelligent conference solution of LCF is designed and developed in combination with the process characteristics before, during and after the conference, deeply integrating cloud computing, wireless data communication, sound scene, immersive perspective technology and other media technologies. It is an intelligent interactive platform integrating conference control system, security system, hardware system and resource system. With the advantages of high efficiency, integrity, easy operation and intelligence, etc., building a new local assistance conference display and new solutions for remote communication so as to truly achieve efficient, convenient and intelligent conference. Complete full series of product lines and multiple selection for size and pixel pitch can meet the needs of different types and sizes of conference rooms. It is mainly used in government, public institutions and group enterprises and other user groups, as well as a variety of large and medium conference rooms, reception rooms, lecture halls, multi-function halls, etc.

Conference LED display

Solution Highlights

  • Indoor LED displayIndoor LED display

    Ultra-thin Screen Highlights Extraordinary Craft

    Ultra-thin screen with ultra-narrow frameScreen proportion up to 98% Using noble moonlight shadow silver style, fully show the royal demeanour

  • Small spacing LED displaySmall spacing LED display

    Multi-window Display, Flexible Layout

    It supports fast wireless interconnection of a variety of personal devicesany combination settings of display windows,
    and flexible switching of multiple windows

  • Conference room LED screenConference room LED screen

    Six in One, Intelligent Interaction

    The LTV Integrates the functions of computer, TV, projection, whiteboard, audio, advertising player,
    with modular expansion such as multi-party remote video conference, sharing whiteboard, etc. to match user needs

  • conference led displayconference led display

    Wireless Projection, Colorful Display

    It supports wireless projection by mobile phones and tablets,
    flexible viewing of video, pictures, documents, network videos and other content, synchronized preview,
    and access to external signals through the network and capture card

Relevant Cases