Solution overview

The aim of the smart city is to achieve prosperity, good governance and benefit the people. The "smart" move by the government is to deeply integrate New ICT technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing, and Internet of Things into its business services and urban application services. This will really make the government aware of the value brought by digital technology, promote the development of digital economy and improve people's standard of living. LCF offers a comprehensive solution of "Cloud (Cloud Management Platform) + Terminal (Multi-function Smart Pole and Related Accessories)" to realize data collection and perception at the front end, efficient transmission through 5G, LED display to provide data visualization and intelligent interaction, easily achieve one-screen overview and on-screen operations. LCF strives to realize pole-screen interconnection and multi-terminal interconnection, create conditions for the fine and intelligent management of the city, help to implement the strategies of digital government and digital economy, bring the digital world into each person, each family, each organization, and build an intelligent world of interconnected things.

Smart light pole

Key Features

  • 5G smart light pole5G multifunctional smart light pole

    Warning and Monitoring

    Combining thematic models and algorithms, visualizing situation knowledge on cloud management platform and conducting operation monitoring and early warning analysis.

  • smart polesmart pole

    Policy Support

    Utilizing city big data and AI analysis to identify problem causes, times, locations and action plans.

  • LED light pole screenLED light pole screen

    Linkage Command

    Realizing full process management from early warning, analysis, disposition and tracking, emergency management system, enhancing governments' emergency disposal capability.

  • light pole screenlight pole screen

    Multi-type Data Fusion

    The system supports integration including geographical information, GPS data, statistical data, captured datafrom multi-platform to have a better control of the city situation

Relevant Cases