Product Parameters

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Cabinet dimension:960*960mm

Cabinet weight:30KG

Cabinet material:Die-casting Aluminum

Pixel pitch:P8、P10、P12

Refresh Rate:≥3840 Hz

Key Features

Offer competitive, reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Special quality

    High refresh rate

    Stable screen display

  • HD broadcast

    Optical fiber transmission system

    Support 4K/8K live streaming

  • Super protection

    Waterproofing corrosion

    Protection level up to IP65

  • Multiple input

    Professional level court playback system

    Support for multiple inputs

  • Fast installation

    Perimeter screen splicing

    Square screen splicing

  • Front and rear the maintenance

    Quick Lock Design

    Support front and rear maintenance


High efficiency optical fiber transmission system, support 4K/8K HD live broadcasting

The high efficiency optical fiber transmission system can effectively reduce the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance of the course

Professional course player software, supporting the diversified input of camera and video sources

Perfect support for 4K/8K HD live broadcast, cinema level live broadcast effect

Super Protection, All-Round Protection

Super waterproof, protection level up to IP65Even in a rainy day, it still works


Extraordinary Picture Quality, Excellent Visual Experience

Box body can be infinite stitching, as one wishes, easy to achieve video and advertising synchronous broadcastHigh refresh rate, high contrast, high-definition and stable picture, give you an incomparable visual feast


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