Product Parameters


Cabinet Size: 500*500*94mm

Weight: 7kg

Material: precision die-cast aluminum

Pixel Pitch: P2.5 / P2.604 / P2.97 / P3.91

Module Size: 250*250mm

Six Core Highlights

Offer competitive,reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Extreme Thin

    Ultra Lightweight Cabinet

  • Quick Lock Design

    One Person Can Complete the Assembly and Disassembly

  • Arc function

    Support multi-angle arc splicing

  • Super Protection

    Waterproof and Knock Resistant

  • Standardized Design

    Compatible Modules

  • Front and Rear Maintenance

    Easier to Maintain


Super Lightweight, Extraordinary Refined

Super lightweight cabinet, only 7, thickness: 94mm

Comfortable handles, easy to take and carry the cabinet

Multi-purpose Display with Perfect Arc

Perfect support for multi-angle arc splicing(Support -10°, -7.5°, -5°, -2.5°, 0°, 2.5°, 5°, 7.5, 10°) t will give you an unmatched display of beauty


Excellent display, complete high-definition picture quality

Excellent graphics display, the picture is exquisite and lifelike, eye-opening160° ultra wide viewing angle, complete without color bias, different angles to enjoy the same wonderful scene


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