Solution Overview

The Command and Control Center is the core for daily business management, decision-making and emergency handling. It plays an important role in smart cities, traffic police command, public safety, emergency rescue, civilian defense, command and dispatch, security monitoring, finance and other fields. LCF's dedicated Command and Control Center Solutions can provide customers with a secure, stable, and convenient data and information integrated display platform, combined with big data collection and data analysis technologies, ultra HD 5G map, modern communication technology, data visualization technology, high-definition display control integrated technology, etc., and configure international advanced technology of LED large screen display, distributed seats, and intelligent control systems, forming a complete set of software, hardware, and services. It easily realizes functions such as data, graphics, images, video linkage switching, real-time display, full-screen display, etc., and truly helps various command and control centers to efficiently achieve command flattening, linkage integration, and process visualization.

Command center LED display

Key Features

  • Small spacing LED displaySmall spacing LED display

    Visualization of Command & Dispatch

    Multi-dimensional Panoramic real-time display. What you see is what you get. Overview in one screen

  • High definition small spacing LED screenHigh definition small spacing LED screen

    Ultra HD Display

    High dynamic HDR technology. Ultra high resolution for easily accomplishing dynamic finely displayed images

  • Indoor full color LED displayIndoor full color LED display

    Integration & Linkage

    Intelligent dynamic correlation of information, real-time comparison and analysis of data, linkage command plan assistant, resource physical dispatching

  • Mini-LED displayMini-LED display

    24/7 Video Surveillance

    Continuous 7 * 24H working, real-time viewing of scene video for all images information, rapid production of emergency plans