Product Parameters

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Module Size:320*160mm

Module Size:P0.9、P1.25、P1.37、P1.538、P1.667、P1.86

Refresh Rate:≥3840 Hz

Key Features

Offer competitive, reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Excellent definition

    and ultra-high refresh rate

    make the picture more delicate

  • Standardized design

    and universal unit board

    make the application more extensive

  • Super protection

    Uniform ink color

    Dust-proof mask

  • Dual energy saving

    PWM-SS drive

    Dynamic energy saving

  • Unlimited stitching

    Seamless stitching

    Flat and picturesque

  • Ultra wide viewing angle

    160°super wide viewing angle

    makes the viewing angle wider


Super Protection, Dynamic Energy Saving

Adopting PWM-SS dual energy-saving drive IC, equipped with low turning voltage drive and dynamic energy-saving technology, easy to achieve double energy saving

Unique protective mask technology, dustproof, waterproof and anti-static, to achieve all-round protection, let you have no worries

Unlimited Splicing, Smooth and Picturesque

It supports seamless splicing, and can be assembled into 2K/4K/8K at your option... Large size screen can meet the needs of different scenesHigh dynamic HDR technology is used to easily restore the color and enhance the sense of technology and visual impact


Amazing Colors, Stunning Image Quality

Ultra-wide color gamut, with more than 28 trillion color displays, let you feel the lifelike world up closeUltra-high contrast enhances the contrast between light and dark, as well as the details of the picture, giving you an unparalleled visual feast160°super wide viewing angle, any position is C-position viewing angle, you can still enjoy the same wonderfulness in different directions


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