Product Parameters


Cabinet Size:640*480*55mm

Cabinet Weight:6.9KG

Cabinet Material:Precision Die Casting Aluminum 

Pixel Pitch:P1.25、P1.37、P1.538、P1.667、P1.839、P1.86

Led Module Size:320*160mm

Six Core Highlights

Offer competitive,reliable scene solutions to customers

  • Super lightweight

    and slim cabinet,

    thickness: 55mm

  • Super protection

    GOB High protection

    technology,Knock-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-static

  • Convenient Installation and Maintenance

    Support wall mounting, hoisting installation models

    Fully Front Service Design,Convenient and fast service

  • Standardized design

    ratio 4:3,applied for many kinds of pixel pitch

    Adopt nano-optical diffusion technology

  • Ultimate HD

    High Contrast,High Refresh rate

    Low brightness and high gray,160° super wide viewing angle

  • Good energy saving and good heat dissipation

    Dynamic energy saving technology, energy saving increased by 40%

    Efficient heat dissipation design, low heat generation and fast heat dissipation


Super protection,GOB technology

Using unique high-protection GOB technology, anti-knock, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-static

Precision die-casting aluminum material,The surface is smooth and seamless,solved the problem of high-frequency maintenance

High Contrast Restores the True Colors Easily

8000:1 High Contrast,Easily restore true colorprofessional-level display,Improve the contrast between light and dark,Enhance picture detailsUse nano-optical diffusion technology to make the picture delicate and lifelike,More uniform luminescence more comfortable and healthier watching


Stunning Colors, Excellent Visual Exeprience

Using high dynamic HDR technology,richer colors,stunning picture quality
160° ultra-wide viewing angle,complete without color cast,enjoy the same excitement from different angles


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