LCF transparent screen and light sticks appear at 2022 Jay Chou Singapore concert

Project introduction: LCF developed Longteng S series full-color LED transparent screen and smart light stick series products to make a shocking debut at the 2022 Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert in Singapore. After nearly three years, Jay Chou's "Carnival" world tour concert, which has made fans eagerly awaiting, will be restarted at the Singapore National Stadium for two consecutive nights from December 17th to 18th, 2022. Jay Chou brought many new songs and new dances from the new album, and also revisited many classic songs, and showed off his piano, guitar, zither and other instruments playing skills, allowing fans to immerse themselves in a music "carnival" of top visual and auditory enjoyment! LCF is honored to bring Longteng LED transparent screen and smart light stick series products to create a creative stage for it, bringing fans a beautiful audio-visual feast. With ultra-high-definition display effects and excellent product quality, LCF's 600㎡ LED transparent screen perfectly shows and magnifies the details of the concert, and integrates with the scene, bringing a unique and unique immersive experience to the audience. LCF fluorescent stick series products have built-in sensor chips and support four field control methods: remote control, computer, mobile phone and audio. The color of all the fluorescent sticks can be controlled uniformly through the field control, and the color of the fluorescent sticks at the concert site can also be controlled in different regions, so that the fluorescent sticks of the whole venue can change uniformly with the change of the stage lighting color and the ups and downs of the music and singing. In addition, you can DIY edit more colors and flashing patterns, such as left and right running water, marquees, etc., and you can also edit patterns or texts according to the actual placement of the product, so that the atmosphere and interactive effects of the concert site can reach the best state, allowing the audience Immerse yourself in the high-pitched atmosphere.

  • Product model:7.8-7.8,Heart shaped light stick

  • Project area: 600, 68,000 pieces (light sticks)

  • Project location: Singapore

  • Project time: December 2022









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