LED transparent screen project for Wu Bai's concert in Chongqing

Project introduction: LCF Dragon S Series Full Color LED Transparent Screen Shines on Wu Bai & China Blue ROCK STAR 2023 Tour Chongqing Station. Today, Wu Bai and his China Blue band has been hand in hand for 31 years. 31 years past, they are still in every live performance in the tacit understanding of the full, one shot, every note and song are real performance. 2023 Wu Bai Chongqing concert choreography effect can be said to be a visual and auditory feast, fully demonstrated the perfect combination of modern technology and artistic design. If you want to use a key word to describe Wu Bai and his music, it must be "vitality", his songs are more like a poem containing the philosophy of life, full of flavor, we all know that Mr. Wu Bai's concert has a routine operation, the song as long as a start, is a 10,000 people chorus, and there are even some people say: I spend 500 yuan to buy a ticket, let Wu Bai listen to me sing. Let Wu Bai listen to me sing.

Once entering the concert site, the audience will be attracted by a huge LED screen wall created by LCF, which is like a bright gem set behind the stage, changing colors and patterns with the rhythm of the music. The screen sometimes shows a cool picture, and sometimes switched to an abstract picture that matches the emotion of Wu Bai's song, bringing the audience into an audio-visual world full of infinite imagination. The huge stage background LED display screen, which is not only the visual focus of the concert, but also the bridge of emotional communication between Wu Bai and the audience, LCF this big screen with simple, fashionable shape outlines the sense of flow of the music, along with the ups and downs of the music changes the shape and light and shadow, as if dancing with Wu Bai's songs. Lighting design, the concert used a variety of advanced lighting technology, such as laser projection, color chasing light, etc., to create an unpredictable atmosphere for the scene. The lights were sometimes as soft as a dream, sometimes as warm as a flame, complementing Wu Bai's music style, allowing the audience to feel the charm of music in the interplay of light and shadow. In addition, the concert's special effects are also a highlight. Whether it's the blooming of sparks, the smoke, or the dazzling colorful painting of the screen, all of them enhanced the infectious power of the music in just the right way. Especially in the interpretation of some classic songs, the use of special effects is to push the audience's emotions to a climax, with modern technology and the power of artistic design for the audience to present a shocking audio-visual feast.

  • Product model: P7.8-7.8, LT LED Transparent Screen

  • Project area: 500㎡

  • Project location: Chongqing

  • Project time: October 2023

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