Budweiser STORM Electric Festival Program

Project introduction:LCF Dragon S Series Full Color LED Transparent Screen and LY T Series Outdoor P3.91 Full Color LED Rental Screen Shine on the Site of Budweiser Storm STORM Electric Festival. Storm STORM and LCF jointly organized the Storm Electricity Festival was shockingly staged during May 1 this year. The continuation of the unique style of the storm, with ultra-luxurious international top DJ lineup, cool stage design, colorful play experience, attracted tens of thousands of viewers to the scene, two days to take turns to offer a long audio-visual feast, set off Hangzhou's hottest electro-acoustic storm!

LCF LT S series LED transparent screen for Budweiser Storm Electric Festival provided 700 square meters of large screen. In addition, LCF LY T series LED rental screen also provided 900 square meters stage screen for the stage. Unique modeling design and excellent display effect make the LED screen can be skillfully integrated into the scene environment, with shocking rhythm and brilliant light and shadow effects, to better show the audience the charm of the electro-acoustic culture.

  • Product model: P3.9-7.8 , P3.9

  • Project area: 1600㎡

  • Project location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang

  • Project time: May 2024






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