2024 Zhang Shaohan Concert LED Cone Screen Project

Project Information: LCF LT series full-color LED transparent screen and LED cone screen products shine 2024 Zhang Shaohan world tour Changchun station. 2024 "Zhang Shaohan" world tour - the first stop in Changchun surprise ended on the evening of June 21, 2024, the first stop. The tour used a new choreography, new sound, new shape, new song list, implying the beginning of a new journey. 20 classic songs echoed in the Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone Stadium, with Zhang Shaohan's many years of precipitation of the stage mastery and beautiful tone, is the memory of youth one scene after another, is the dream of the desire to be projected in the sky, all the trance into a real moment. Long-term companion to make Zhang Shaohan and fans become an indispensable presence in each other's lives, as far as the eye can see in addition to shouting, enthusiasm they have been giving each other touched and power, so that this two-way run to the "Zhang Shaohan" type of spiritual energy finally converged on the stage at the most dazzling place!

This tour Zhang Shaohan's look into the traditional Chinese color card, including the glitter of gold, wood, water, water, fire, earth and black precipitation, each set of both artistry and fashion sense. The stunning "Fire Rose" dress brings a sense of sparkle that blossoms freely despite the wind and rain, visualizing bravery and fearlessness. With stardust as the mud and the Milky Way as the nourishment, the rose poured by the heart blossoms quietly, planted deep in the hearts of the fans and will never wither! The finale of the track "A Diao" "willing to be ordinary, but not willing to ordinary debacle" in the deep emotions in the outbreak, with great vitality of artistic expression infected everyone, but also let the outside world to see Zhang Shaohan on this tour of unlimited sincerity, she has been with "always do fearless themselves! "The creed of life affects everyone inside and outside the venue.

Zhang Shaohan concert using the LCF LT series P3.9-7.8 full-color LED transparent screen and LED cone screen products. This LED cone screen up to 16 meters high, nearly 19 meters in diameter, using a unique hollow design structure and GOB coating process, not only beautiful and generous, but also has excellent windproof, waterproof, anti-knock characteristics. Even in the face of strong winds of more than 10 levels, it can be as stable as a mountain. What's more amazing is that this tapered screen can also realize the left and right free opening and closing and 360° full-view angle playback. Its ultra-high-definition picture quality, bright and soft color performance and lighting, performance echo, and with the rhythm of the music to change the content of the screen, instantly "ignite" the atmosphere, creating immersive entertainment space for the audience. The birth of this LED cone screen undoubtedly brings a revolutionary breakthrough in modern stage design. It is not only a magnificent collision of science and technology and art, but also a new exploration of the stage art forms of expression and leadership. This is also another stage creative masterpiece of LCF after Jay Chou's Carnival World Tour Giant Energy Ball - LED Spherical Screen, which once again set a new benchmark in the field of stage design. The successful creation of this LED conical screen not only shows LCF's leading position in LED display technology, but also highlights its unlimited possibilities in stage creativity.

Product Model: P3.9-7.8 LED transparent screen and P8 LED cone screen

Project Area: 1300㎡

Project Location: Changchun, Jilin

Project Time: June 2024

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