LCF 4000m² LED Screen Shocks Shenzhen Dapeng C-loud Music Festival

Project introduction: LCF 4000m² giant screen helps shenzhen Dapeng C-loud Music Festival shake and start. Shenzhen Dapeng C-loud Music Festival opened at Kaisa Jinshawan International Park in Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, On October 16, 2016. The festival will last for four days from October 16 to 17 and 23 to 24. This activity gathered the world's top 100 DJAryue, KAKA and other well-known electronic musicians, more than 50 domestic top singers such as Chen Xiaochun, Hu Haiquan, Xue Zhiqian, Chen Grain, Pu Shu, Ouyang Jing, Xu Song, MAO Not easy, Ji Ke Junyi gathered together. This is a collection of folk, rock, pop, rap as one of the luxurious music feast, but also a collection of beach, sea breeze, food, art, market and other diverse forms of colorful carnival. As the only choreography support unit of the music Festival, Lianchengfa provides C-loud music Festival with a complete set of LED visual display solutions and full service guarantee. The event takes the beach as the stage, the sea as the background, and sound and photoelectric as the carrier. Will live the home screen, elliptical screen, screen, curved screen pillars, circular screen and so on a total of 4000 square meters of all kinds of cool screen with LED light show, multimedia, stage technology, 3 d technology, visual effects, dance, such as perfect fusion of contemporary art, create exquisite immersion stage successfully, with professional services to the visual-effects technology for "art, culture and science and technology", For the audience presented a shocking audio-visual feast of music. To create a unique immersive experience, build perfect music performance stage, lian cheng send to screen for the media, in the light, for the stars, moon, beach, sea, color, with sound and light technology and all kinds of creative the linkage of the screen, the Gemini stage makeup dot beautiful round of beautiful huan, let the audience indulge in full of imagination and vivid music situation, Indulge in the beauty of the text, the rhyme of the martial arts, the unique sound, the elegant dance, feel the unprecedented immersive visual experience.

Product model: P4.81, P6.944, P7.8

Project area: 4000㎡

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Project time: October 2021











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