LCF 4000m² LED Screen Shocks Shenzhen Dapeng C-loud Music Festival

Project introduction: As the sole supporting unit for the audio-visual effects of the C-LOUD Music Festival, LCF provided an integrated LED visual display solution and full service support, featuring more than 4,000 square meters of massive screens including main screens, oval screens, column screens, arc screens and ring screens, plus LED light displays, multimedia, stage technology, 3D technology, visual effects and dance. On October 16, the highly anticipated Shenzhen Dapeng C-LOUD Music Festival Carnival opened at Jiazhaoye Sand Bay International Park in Shenzhen's Dapeng New District, lasting for four days from October 16th to 17th and October 23rd to 24th. This event gathered world-renowned electronic music artists such as Aryue, KAKA, and more than 50 of China's top singers such as Jackie Chan, Hu Haiqing, Xue Zhiqian, Chen Li, Pu Shu, Ou Yangjing, Xu Song, Mao Buyi and G.E.M. It was a luxurious musical banquet that combined folk, rock, pop and rap, as well as a multiform carnival of beach, sea breeze, food, art and market. With the beach as the stage and the ocean as the background, Liancheng adopted audio-visual technology, combining contemporary art to create a breathtaking immersive stage, providing professional visual effects services and integrating art, culture and technology to present a stunning audio-visual feast to the audience. To create a unique immersive experience and construct an excellent musical performance stage, LCF used the screens as media, light as the medium, and starry sky, moonlight, beach and sea as colors, coupled with audio-visual technology and creative screen linking, making the twin stages wonderfully decorated and immersing the audience in an imaginative and lifelike musical environment, so that they can enjoy the beauty of literature, the charm of martial arts, the magnificence of sound and the elegance of dance, and feel an unprecedented immersive visual experience.

Product model: P4.81, P6.944, P7.8

Project area: 4000㎡

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Project time: October 2021











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