Everest Performing Arts Center P4 Full Color LED Display Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa's full-color LED display was unveiled at the Everest Performing Arts Center in Xigaze. The Xigaze Performing Arts Center Grand Theater is a super large-scale first-class theater with a total construction area of 31454.54 square meters and a building area of 8621.97 square meters; the building has 4 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, with a building height of 21.6m. The auditorium is equipped with pool seats, one-story seats and two-story seats, with 1,587 fixed seats. The Grand Theater and Museum of the Xigaze Performing Arts Center are located in the south of the Tibetan cultural town "Xiang" Lake in the Everest Cultural Tourism Creative Industry Park. It is located in the valley between Nyima Mountain and Chaguo Mountain. It belongs to the central area of the city. superior. Lianchengfa LED large screen adopts the industry's most cutting-edge LED display technology, information integration technology and video broadcast control technology, combined with Lianchengfa's overall software and hardware solutions, successfully realized the 5G+8K "black technology" combination to ensure 8K content transmission Stable and smooth broadcast control, it can provide viewers with realistic, 8K ultra-high-definition display visual effects.

Product model: P4

Project area: 150 square project

Location: Tibet

Project time: July 2021




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