2019 Angela Chang's Fables World Tour Concert Stage Rental Screen Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa Longyi Longteng series transparent screens, stage rental screens and other full-color LED displays were unveiled at the Chengdu station of the 2019 Angela Chang's Fables World Tour. Angela Chang's 2019 new concert tour takes "Fables" as the theme, which is different from the representative work "Fables". Angela and the tour team have sprung up the word-making gameplay, combining the two words "Fables" into one and giving it new meanings. “Everyone grows up listening to fables, but when they grow up, they often forget the principles of life taught in fables. “In this tour, Angela uses music as a medium to position herself as a medium between music and the public. To be a pure sharer, to awaken those life rules that are ignored by the public through your own personal understanding, so that the audience can find their true self from her singing, and have a new understanding and touch on life, which is an impetuous reality. Inject more positive energy into life, allowing the public to heal their hearts while thinking and understanding. Variety of styles high through the audience, people immersed in it, can not stop. Lianchengfa brought its Longyi, Longteng series transparent screens, stage rental screens and other products to collectively help out, providing a perfect visual experience for Angela Chang's concert, fully and vividly showing the dynamic stage. And this is not Lianchengfa’s first large-scale concert. In addition, there are also the 2019 Jay Chou Carnival World Tour, 2018 Zhang Jingying’s Concert, 2019 Crossover Singer Live, and Wilber Pan’s "Cominghome" tour. The concert, Zhang Jie’s “Unlive” concert tour, Xiao Jingteng’s Shenzhen Bay concert, A-lin’s “Four Seasons” concert, Wu Bai’s “Rockstar” concert, etc., have all appeared on Liancheng’s dance beauty rental screens.

Liancheng publishes cultural and travel business performance solutions, providing stage design for the audience to help users uninterrupted high-definition live broadcast. It has a full set of professional audio and video processing system for on-site stage, an original full die-cast aluminum full-sealed cabinet, and a unique quick lock design and seam fine-tuning mechanism. The display screen is more delicate and vivid. The perfect combination of lifelike pictures and shocking music creates a dreamy stage effect, allowing the audience to fully blend into it, immersing in the warm live atmosphere, participating in the star-lit audiovisual feast throughout, and letting creativity ignite your stage performance force.

Product model: P3.91, P10, etc.

Project area: 1000 square meters

Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan

Project time: October 2019







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