DXYG-VAC Electric Festival Stage LED Screen Project

Project introduction:LCF Dragon S Series Full Color LED Transparent Screen Shines on the Scene of DXYG-VAC Electro Festival. 2024 During the May 1 period, DXYG (Three Sheep Group) joined hands with VAC, the IP of domestic electro festival, to hold an outdoor large-scale electronic music festival, DXYG-VAC Electro Festival. The scene was crowded with electro-acoustic enthusiasts who gathered from all directions to witness the extraordinary charm of this audio-visual feast. From the extraordinary immersive feeling to the high-frequency interaction to the emotional resonance, LCF Dragon S series LED transparent screen played a crucial role.

This year's VAC electric festival stage from the scale to the size of the upgrade. The organizers deliberately extended the stage 20 meters wide, 6 meters higher than last year, the main stage width of 120 meters wide, plus the LCF Dragon S series LED transparent screen composed of 2600 square meters of giant screen, the number of lasers from the original 17 increased to nearly 40 this year, the world's top sound array more than 200, is to ensure that the festival of high-standard landing.

The electric festival to create an unprecedented, with international standards of high standards of electronic music paradise, with high permeability of the LED display with the future of science fiction style background special effects design, the domestic top sound effects, a number of the world's top artists dedication, when the laser, flame, spray, fireworks synchronized outbreaks, the atmosphere of the scene to the climax of the sensory experience shocked the scene of every audience, embarked on the VAC unparalleled electro-acoustic journey.

  • Product model: P3.91-7.8, LT LED transparent screen

  • Project area: 2600㎡

  • Project location:Hefei, Anhui

  • Project time: May 2024







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