Nanjing Smart lamppost Project

Project introduction: This is a multifunctional smart lamppost project of Lianchengfa located in a park in Nanjing. Smart poles are the best carrier for 5G micro base stations. The combination of smart poles and 5G micro base stations is a manifestation of wisdom in the process of urban development. It embodies the complementary application models in the development of smart cities. In the future, vehicle-road collaboration, VR live broadcast and other scenarios The application on this has far-reaching significance. Lianchengfa provides a smart city "cloud (cloud management platform) + terminal (multi-functional smart pole and related supporting products)" overall solution, through the smart pole to achieve front-end data collection and perception, 5G for efficient transmission, LED display provides large Data visualization and intelligent interaction make it easy to realize one-screen overview and on-screen combat. The design of this lamp is generous and simple, and the lines of the lamp body are smooth and full of beauty. The whole lamp is like a soldier, always guarding the peace of the city, and the functional components are cleverly distributed in the lamp. Rod to achieve a perfect fit between design and function.

Product model: Multifunctional smart lamppost

Application area: 5 kilometers

Project location: Nanjing

Project time: May 2020




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