Dongguan International Hotel Banquet Hall Intelligent All-in-one LTV Project

Project introduction: LCF Intelligent conference all-in-one machine LTV was presented in the banquet hall of Kandy International Hotel. Its picture quality is clear and beautiful, uniformity is good, luminous brightness is strong, refresh rate is high, visual Angle is wide. Lianchengfa Intelligent conference all-in-one machine integrates multiple functions into one, reduces complexity into simplicity, and supports wireless screen projection of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices, which is efficient and convenient. Thanks to its light and easy-to-install design, LCF's Conference LTV could greatly save time for disassembly and maintenance when it comes to the tight onsite time schedule of hotel. It creates exquisite audiovisual effects and highlights its momentum and leadership position, which has been unanimously recognized by customers and audiences.

Product model: P1.875 LTV

Display area: 165 inches

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong

Project time: July 2021





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