Zhongshan Private Enterprises Research Group Visited LCF

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In the afternoon of June 13, 2024, in order to promote the high-quality development of private economy in Zhongshan City and learn from the advanced and successful experience of Shenzhen, the Zhongshan Cuiheng New District (Nanlang) Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), Hangcheng Street Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Development Promotion Association, as well as the deputy director of Hangcheng Street Office, Mr. Sheng Wei, and the director of the Hangcheng Street Enterprise Service Center, Mr. Jiang Shanzhang, and other leaders and their entourage gathered in LCF to explore new paths of high-quality development for the private enterprises. Long Pingfang, founder and president of LCF, led the company's senior management team to warmly receive the visiting guests.

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Accompanied by President Long Pingfang, the delegation first visited the LCF headquarters showroom, field inspection of the LCF XR virtual shooting solutions, cultural and tourism commercial performance solutions, industry accusation center solutions, smart city integrated solutions, 5G + 8K innovative application solutions, LX small pitch LED display screen, LY LED rental screen, LT LED transparent screen, naked eye 3D content, field control LCF also introduced a series of industry-leading innovations and applications, including LX small-pitch LED display, LY LED rental screen, LT LED transparent screen, naked-eye 3D content, field control, 5G multi-functional intelligent light pole, intelligent stadium and event integration solution, and listened to the introduction of LCF's development history, business layout and operation status.

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Visiting guests said, here as the world's leading LED display intellectual manufacturing base, not only can automation, intelligence, digitalization to complete the LED display from the module production, box assembly to packaging shipment of the whole process of operation, product quality is also very hard, set up a number of industry benchmarks, the intellectual manufacturing ability is remarkable. Looking forward to LCF LED display products and integrated solutions can empower thousands of industries and bring more color and vitality to people's lives.

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In the subsequent exchange, President Long Pingfang introduced LCF's high-quality development in recent years and future strategic layout to the delegation from different angles. He highlighted LCF's successful practice in the fields of cultural tourism and performing arts, stage rental, XR film and television production, and intelligent conference. The guests recognized LCF's high-quality development and LED display ecological layout, and looked forward to combining LCF LED display technology, integrated solutions and services to blossom in economic and social development across the country.

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During the visit, President Long Pingfang had an in-depth exchange with the delegation on the development mode of the enterprise, management experience, LED display technology in related industries how to land application and other topics. President Long Pingfang said that LCF will continue to promote the innovation of LED display technology and products under the strong guidance of the delegation, and join hands with entrepreneurs and industry partners to promote the high-quality development of LED display industry. The delegation congratulated LCF for winning the honors of National Specialized, Specialized and New Small Giant Enterprises, German Red Dot Design Award, etc., affirmed LCF's leading role in the LED display industry, and sent their blessings to LCF's future development.

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In the future, LCF will continue to focus on science and technology and product innovation, lead the development of various industries with excellent LED display products and solutions, activate the economy of the business district, improve regional competitiveness, and at the same time, add bricks and mortar for the people's better life and the high-quality development of the economy across the country.