LCF LED Tapered Screen Shines at 2024 Angela Chang's Tour

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The 2023-2024 Shaohan Zhang "Fable" World Tour wrapped up in Shantou. Starting from the Nanning stop and ending in Shantou, LCF has been accompanying Shaohan Zhang through four seasons and twenty-seven stops. Now, 2024 "Zhang Shaohan" World Tour reloaded, a new departure, with a new theme, new choreography and her clear voice across time, regardless of cost, regardless of price, efforts to create a cultural feast belonging to Zhang Shaohan and the audience.

Zhang Shaohan Changchun concert

June 21, the much-anticipated 2024 "Zhang Shaohan" world tour first stop - Changchun station in Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone Stadium grand opening. As Zhang Shaohan concert LED display provider, LCF LT series LED transparent screen and cone screen in the scene shine, help Zhang Shaohan to create an unparalleled dream stage, for tens of thousands of viewers brought an unprecedented music feast.

Zhang Shaohan concert LED display

It is reported that in order to bring the audience a different live experience, this tour not only cooperates with a number of art masters such as Zeng Wu, one of the representatives of the top contemporary fashion photographers in China, and Ren Zhe, a Chinese sculpture artist. Moreover, the costumes and makeup will also be consistent with the theme concept and match the message that each chapter wants to convey. In addition to the familiar big hit golden songs, some of the favorite tracks that fans and friends are looking forward to are also presented. A number of top industry experts assisted in the show, creating a full range of choreography, sound effects, and live stunning audio-visual effects, bringing a brand new music experience to fans.

LED transparent screen

Stage LED screen

The tour's stage design is unique, shaped "water ripple" shape, T-shaped extension stage ......  In addition to the LED transparent screen background on both sides of the stage, the creative screen in the center of the stage is also tailored by LCF for this tour is very creative LED cone screen, which is inspired by the three-dimensional shape of the cone itself and its visual characteristics. Make the whole stage majestic, such as rocketing upwards to meet the boundless Milky Way. This is also Zhang Shaohan this global performance stage design theme and new stage ideas.

LED Cone Screen
LED Tapered Display
LED Creative Screen

This LED cone screen is up to 16 meters high and nearly 19 meters in diameter. It adopts a unique hollow design structure and GOB coating process, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also has excellent windproof, waterproof and bump-proof characteristics. Even in the face of strong winds of more than 10 levels, it can be as stable as a mountain.What's more amazing is that this tapered screen can also realize left and right free opening and closing and 360° full-view angle playback. Its ultra-high-definition picture quality, bright and soft color performance and lighting, performance echo, and with the rhythm of the music to change the content of the screen, instantly "ignite" the atmosphere, creating an immersive entertainment space for the audience.

LED Cone Screen

The birth of this LED cone screen undoubtedly brings a revolutionary breakthrough in modern stage design. It is not only a magnificent collision of technology and art, but also a new exploration and leadership of the stage art expression. This is also another stage creative masterpiece of LCF after Jay Chou's Carnival World Tour Giant Energy Ball - LED Spherical Screen, which once again set a new benchmark in the field of stage design.

LED Spherical Screen

LED Spherical Display

LCF is committed to creating a variety of colorful, high-end fantasy stage visual effects, including LT series LED transparent screen, LY series LED rental screen, field control fluorescent rods and other types of stage products, not only can be intelligently controlled, simulation of the actual scene, reproduction of nature, but also in the flexibility and display effect beyond the limitations of the traditional set, can bring the audience a new visual enjoyment. At present, they have been widely used in various large-scale performances, concerts, music festivals, electric festivals, cultural and artistic evenings and other activities around the world, and have won the praise of customers and audiences around the world. 

Stage LED transparent screen

Through the integration of creative art and LED display technology, to create a realistic and virtual combination of immersive experience, has become the trend of large-scale performances. In the future, LCF will continue to focus on science and technology and product innovation, with better LED display products and services, to open up a broader space for the perfect fusion of music, culture, art and technology, and jointly create a more stunning stage miracle to help the industry flourish.