LCF wishes you a peaceful Dragon Boat Festival!

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With the enthusiasm of the summer is getting stronger, the traditional Chinese festival Dragon Boat Festival is quietly approaching. In this carries a deep cultural significance and national sentiment of the moment, the United Chengfa do not forget the beginning of the heart, in order to express the love and care for each employee, the continuation of the past “every festive season welfare to” the thoughtful tradition. the afternoon of June 7, LCF for all the family members meticulously prepared the Dragon Boat Festival gifts --- exquisite gift box of dumplings and the unique flavor of lychee sake to thank all the United Chengfa for the development of the company's efforts. -Exquisite gift boxes of rice dumplings and Lychee Sake with unique flavor, to thank all the staff for their efforts and sweat for the development of the company.

Dragon Boat Festival

A gift, a care. In this season of fragrant rice dumplings, LCF carefully selected various flavors of rice dumplings, including sweet and honey bean paste rice dumplings, salty and delicious egg yolk rice dumplings, and innovative flavors of candied fruit rice dumplings and so on, each of which wrapped up the company's strong care and deep blessings to all of us.

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In addition to the traditional dumpling gift box, LCF has also prepared a unique gift box of Lychee Sake, which is not only an innovative tribute to the traditional festivals, but also a special reward for the hard work of employees. Lychee Sake with its unique flavor and elegant aroma, symbolizing the development of the road with the staff of the United Chengfa in the development of the same suffering, sharing the fruits of the commitment. A pot of sake can not only add a touch of unique flavor for the staff's family reunion, but also is a vivid embodiment of LCF's practical action to interpret the “people-oriented” corporate culture.

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Families who received the holiday benefits had happy smiles on their faces. Families have said that this gift is not only a material welfare, but also a spiritual care and encouragement, feel very warm and happy. Definitely live up to the company's care, will turn this care into motivation, with high enthusiasm into the work, efforts to impotence, struggle to move themselves. In their respective positions to shine and realize self-worth.

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In the big family of LCF, every employee is the most valuable treasure, every contribution is worth being cherished and grateful. Therefore, LCF also integrates this gratitude into every welfare activity, taking care of every employee with all our heart, so that employees can relax and enjoy the happiness of the festival after their busy work. These activities not only enhance the cohesion and teamwork among employees, but also further deepen their sense of identity and belonging to the company.

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Heart like glutinous rice, the more sticky the tighter; love like rice dumplings, the more cooking the more fragrant. Dragon Boat Festival to send not only gifts, but also with practical action to tell everyone every one of the United Chengfa people are very “rice dumplings” to be, and practically let the staff feel the warmth of “home”. At the same time, I also wish everyone in the future work is full of harvest, ride the waves, not to live up to the “rice dumplings” hope for the company's high-quality development and unremitting efforts!