LCF LED screen helped the 2nd Huangtian Lychee Cultural Festival to be a great success!

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During the period of the Fair, i.e. May 24-26, 2024, the 2nd Huangtian Lychee Culture Festival, organized by Shenzhen Huangtian Joint Stock Cooperation Company (hereinafter referred to as Huangtian Joint Stock) and undertaken by LCF and SKC, was held in Huangtian Park, Hangcheng Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. The three-day event attracted hundreds of thousands of citizens, tourists and online viewers, bringing a unique audio-visual feast to the audience.

Huangtian Lychee Cultural Festival

Huangtian Lychee Music Festival

This Huangtian Lychee Cultural Festival is themed with "Lychee + Music + Tide Play", aiming to show the mingling and collision of lychee products and trendy culture, and combining with the most popular trendy music culture, to further promote the brand of Huangtian Lychee in an atmosphere of fun for the whole people, to promote the culture of regional characteristics, and to stimulate the revitalization of the countryside, the revitalization of the organization, industrial revitalization, talent revitalization, cultural revitalization and ecological revitalization.

Huangtian Lychee Music Festival

 Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, member of the Political and Legal Committee, Director of the Office of Comprehensive Governance Jiang Jianzhong and other leaders, as well as guests such as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoang Tinh Stocks Nguyen Trung Dang, Founder and President of LCF Long ping fang, attended the opening ceremony of the event together. Together with the newly upgraded Lychee IP image of Hoang Tinh - Hoang Sio Lai, they witnessed the opening of this cultural event.

The 2nd Huangtian Lychee Cultural Festival
LED Display
LED Creative Screen

At the opening ceremony, Luo Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hangcheng Street, and Ruan Zhongdang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huangtian Stock Company, delivered an enthusiastic speech. Secretary Luo Wei spoke highly of Huangtian Lychee Culture Festival and had high hopes for the development of the lychee industry in Huangtian. He said that the festival is not only a platform to show lychee culture, but also an important opportunity to promote local economic development and cultural exchange.

Hangcheng Street Party Committee Secretary Luo Wei

Chairman Nguyen Trung Dang said that Huong Tin lychee is not only a brand name card of the Greater Bay Area, but also a national geographical indication agricultural product. Now, we have added national activities such as music, bazaar, and trendy fun to promote Huangtian Lychee, so that more visitors can experience Huangtian's unique agricultural products and wonderful countryside. Next, we will vigorously promote the industrialization, modernization and large-scale management of Huangtian Lychee, and contribute to Hangcheng's power to enhance the competitiveness of China's agricultural products in the market and realize the modernization of agriculture.

Ruan Zhongdang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoang Tinh Joint Stock Company

Huangtian Lychee, as the only National Geographical Indication product in Shenzhen, has long been a delicious and hardcore city card in the Greater Bay Area. Huangtian Lychee has a history of more than 2,000 years, bearing the wisdom and sweat of Huangtian people, and witnessing the development and changes of this land. Its uniqueness lies in the spring water it draws day and night, from the Phoenix Mountain, known as "Phoenix Mountain Fukushui Fukyindi", at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain Range, surrounded by the aura of the rain altar, accompanied by the beautiful Tiegang Lake, "drinking" mountain springs, "sucking" mountain springs. "Suck" the mountain stream aura ...... was bred for the color like Danxia, white as gelatin, peeling the shell does not flow juice, sweet but not greasy "immortal pill", known as "Baoan Li-Kui".

Huangtian Lychee

Huang Xiaolai

Wong Siu Lai, IP of Wong Tin Lai Chi

Photo of Long Ping Fang and Huang Xiaoli

In terms of choreography, this festival can be said to be unique. The main stage is themed with lychee elements, combined with LCF's "LY" series of creative LED screens, through lighting, sound, special effects and other modern technological means, to create a cool and shocking atmosphere. The changing light and shadow of the large screen intertwined with the lychee pattern, and the stage seemed to be in the lychee forest. LCF LY series large screen with excellent picture quality performance and stunning visual effects made this star-studded event even more bright and colorful.

Stage background LED display
LED Rental Screen

On the stage, local Shenzhen bands such as Base Land Band, Zan Brothers, Little Troublemaker Family, and Tan Zhou and Liu Wei, together with netizen DJ Su Xiao Xiao, Guo Ling'er, Xie Duo'er, and other artists, delivered mind-blowing performances, with a warm atmosphere of applause and cheers. There were even live broadcasts by netizens and online and offline interactions, making the event hot and Huangtian Lychee culture spreading rapidly.

Event Performance LED Display

LED Screen

Stage LED screenLED transparent screen

Cultural Festival LED Screen

Music Festival LED Display

In addition to music performances, the festival also set up a number of colorful interactive areas. The beauty card area became a popular spot for citizens and tourists to take photos, and various creative lychee-themed installations made people linger. The bazaar area gathered all kinds of food, lychee sake, handicrafts and cultural creation periphery, allowing visitors to taste the food and at the same time feel the unique charm of Huangtian culture. The entertainment and interactive games area is even more lively, visitors actively participate in various games and enjoy the summer fun time.

Stage LED Screen

Stage LED Display

Stage Large Screen

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Cultural Tourism Performing Arts

LED Video Wall

The atmosphere was warm and orderly throughout the event. Visitors said that this cultural festival not only allowed them to taste delicious snacks, lychees and lychee sake, but also allowed them to feel the unique charm and vitality of Huangtian culture. They have expressed their hope that there will be more such cultural festivals in the future so that they can continue to experience the infinite charm of Huangtian culture.

LED Stage Display

LED Electronic Screen

LCF President Long Pingfang

Lychee Sake

It is worth mentioning that during this cultural festival, it also witnessed the strategic signing ceremony between LCF, Huangtian shares and Shenzhen Joint Stock Exchange, marking that Huangtian lychee brand has stepped to a new level, and Huangtian lychee industry will realize in-depth integration with more high-quality resources, which injects a strong impetus to the development of Bao'an lychee industry.

Signing Ceremony between LCF and Yellowfield

This Huangtian Lychee Cultural Festival is not only a cultural feast, but also an industrial event, Huangtian Lychee's business card once again shines in the country, and writes a strong ink and color for rural revitalization. At the same time, the festival also promotes the development of the local tourism industry, bringing more economic and social benefits to Huangtian and even Bao'an District. Looking forward to next year, Huangtian Lychee Culture Festival set off a new chapter, so that the sweetness and joy continue!

LED Wall

In the future, LCF will join hands with SKC to continue to focus on technology and product innovation, to add new vitality and luster to all kinds of performance stages around the world with better LED display products and services, and to give more possibilities to art, culture and life with technology.