LCF and LED Garanti Reklam reach strategic cooperation!

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On May 21, 2024, LED Garanti Reklam and LCF officially signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Both parties join hands again, will be based on their respective advantages, the future will be in the commercial display, cultural tourism and performing arts, smart city, digital technology and digital content and other fields to carry out comprehensive cooperation, plowing Turkey and even the entire southern European market, opening a new chapter of cooperation.


MR. Isa Salman, General Manager of LED Garanti Reklam, Long Pingfang, Founder and President of LCF, and other executive team attended the signing ceremony as representatives of the two companies, and carried out extensive technical exchanges and exchanges of views, and the two sides will work closely together to explore the market demand, to achieve complementary and win-win situation with resources, and accelerate the landing of the region of Turkey and Southern Europe.

Looking back to 2023, LED Garanti Reklam and  LCF for the first time hand in hand, and with LCF's excellent product performance and integrated solution of visual display, as well as LED Garanti Reklam's deep understanding of the local market, they jointly participated in a number of classic projects, which were highly recognized and praised by Turkey and the surrounding markets, and won extensive user praise.

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Under the new cooperation framework, LCF will rely on its strong R&D strength and manufacturing capability to provide LED Garanti Reklam and even the entire Southern European market with a full range of services including but not limited to spot sales of LED display products, customized production, quick response service installation and a full range of localized after-sales services. Ensure that customers can enjoy a convenient and efficient service experience in every step from product consultation, program design to post maintenance.

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LED Garanti Reklam is a high-tech enterprise focusing on audio-visual field, mainly engaged in engineering design, digital visual display, advertising/digital content production and other services of the industry professional company, is committed to providing professional and reliable "design + production + installation + maintenance" one-stop LED display application services. We believe that this strategic cooperation will bring more opportunities and development for both sides, and jointly realize the depth of cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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LCF is a cultural tourism complex with new quality productivity, the world's leading LED display application and solution provider, national specialization, speciality and new small giant enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, and German Red Dot Award winner. In recent years, it has continued to explore and apply in the fields of naked eye 3D and interaction, digital technology, XR virtual production, cultural tourism performance, etc. It has successfully created the star tours of Jay Chou, Angela Zhang, Wu Bai, Yu Wenwen, Su Youpeng, Fish Leong, Pain Rang, New Pants, etc., as well as STORM Music Festival, DXYG-VAC Electro Festivals,the movie of The Wandering Earth 2, and Dream Hunting Tengwang Pavilion, Dream Hunting Min Du, Bay Area Light Group Star Concert, Huangtian Lychee Culture Festival and many other cultural tourism performing arts classic projects.
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Under the background of domestic and international double cycle, the communication between various regions is becoming more and more frequent and the form of communication tends to be diversified, LED Garanti Reklam together with LCF, will also be through multi-dimensional resource sharing, technical exchanges and cultural tourism and cultural and creative project landing, the essence of Chinese culture with digitalization, Chinese science and technology with intelligence, innovation as the driving force, the depth of the integration of traditional culture and modern science and technology, to show the unique charm of Chinese culture and scientific and technological possibilities, to help Chinese culture and Chinese science and technology to the world. It will deeply integrate traditional culture and modern science and technology, show the unique charm of Chinese culture and infinite possibilities of science and technology, and help Chinese science and technology and Chinese culture to go global.

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This cooperation will not only help enhance the brand influence of LED Garanti Reklam in Turkey and Southern Europe, but also further consolidate LCF's leading position in the international display market. In the future, the two sides will work together to boost the high-quality development of the LED display business by creating a mutually beneficial and sustainable all-ecological industry chain partnership, injecting more innovative power for the development of the industry and creating more value for local users.