LCF LED screen inspires new vitality for cultural tourism and performing arts!

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With the warmth of late spring and early summer, the performance market is in full bloom. Cultural feasts in major cities blossomed and blossomed all the way, from shocking electro festivals to energetic concerts, major performance stages attracted countless audiences with unique choreographic effects. In this vibrant and creative month of May, exciting events such as Budweiser STORM Storm Electric Festival, DXYG-VAC Electric Festival, Jay Chou's Carnival World Tour, and Su Youpeng's Meet You in the Multiverse Concert were staged, which not only brought unforgettable audio-visual feasts, but also demonstrated the latest achievements in the application of choreography technology.

Storm Music Festival

STORM Music Festival

This May 1, the Steel Forest set off a music frenzy that exploded in Hangzhou. STORM Storm Music Festival, co-organized by Cool Sound Future and LCF, descended on Hangzhou Grand Canal Hangzhou Steel Park, a cultural landmark full of cultural relics of the Grand Canal and memories of Hangzhou city, became the center of the music frenzy. The Hangzhou trip attracted more than 30,000 Raver to participate in the festival with a powerful lineup and top-notch choreography, experiencing a shocking experience like never before.

Music Festival LED Display

he stage rises up from the wide center lawn and is built around a hardened blast furnace, with the chimney at the back of the stage retaining its soaring height, the very industrial elements of the venue's own buildings are wrapped in a great sense of oppression standing on both sides of the stage. The stage is an outward expanding shape, 29 meters high, with a large width of 100 meters, which makes the stage have a great tension of outward expansion. At the same time, the six small columns and the Rea columns were cleverly utilized to form a hexagonal main screen, with simple and sharp lines supplemented by cool and trendy visual effects, the intense collision of the old and the new will be the perfect fusion of industrial aesthetics and electronic music, which will bring the audience a unique sensory experience.

Storm Music Festival LED Screen

In addition, the designers wrapped the chamfered screen for the column structure, presenting a complete visual effect in a silky smooth way, and selected transparent screen for the main screen in the center and the connection below. The whole stage main screen and various creative LED screens are made of LCF LT series LED transparent screens and LY series LED rental screens, with a total screen area of 1,500 square meters.

LED Transparent Screen for Electric Festivals

DXYG-VAC Music Festival

What is your idea of an electric festival? A crowd of people? A million people partying? I think DXYG-VAC will refresh your impression of electrofestivals.

On May 3-4, the two-day DXYG-VAC festival came to a successful end at Luogang Park in Hefei. The festival brought together a lineup of top international DJs such as Anyma (Genesys 2.0 Asia debut), Marshmello the Cotton Candy, Charlotte the Goddess, etc. The scene was swarming with people, who witnessed the extraordinary charm of this audio-visual feast together. Every frame, every scene, every moment was filled with Raver's passion and emotion. Here, you can bounce around, raise the flag, roll around and party at will. ...... This world-class electro-acoustic feast has undoubtedly become a night of revelry in the hearts of Raver.

DXYG-VAC Electric Festival

In DXYG-VAC Electric Festival, the stage design once again breaks through the traditional boundaries, the width extends to 120 meters, and the height is also increased by 6 meters compared with last year, the total height reaches 30 meters. The 2,600 square meter main screen composed of LCF LT series LED transparent screen is interspersed with nearly 40 sets of high-power full-color laser lights, and the precise and flexible control makes the visual show effect even more shocking. The whole stage seems to be a fantastic space phantom, which makes the audience feel like they are in a dreamy electro-acoustic world. When the music, dance, lighting intertwined together, immersed in the feeling of sound and light scene and visual art of the mingled combination, once again for this divine scene superimposed layers of Buff, so that tens of thousands of viewers in the sound and light illusions in the full intoxicated.

LED wall

Jay Chou Concert in Fuzhou

May 16-19, Jay Chou "Carnival" World Tour Fuzhou Station in the Strait Olympic Sports Center passionate singing, fans from all over the country fans gathered in Banyan City, to share the carnival feast. LT series of LCF's transparent LED screen, LED spherical screen and the field of fluorescent light sticks were also on the scene to accompany the fans to spend the feast, Jay Chou's more than the classic songs, each song has a surprise audio-visual experience, the venue exploded! The whole venue was lit up!

LED Video Wall

With the opening of the huge cross-time energy ball, the concert curtain officially opened, dressed in sequined costume of Jay Chou with a "carnival sense" full of "Golden Armor" opening, momentum like rainbow, followed by a "Herbal Compendium", instantly brought the opening atmosphere to the climax of ...... 50,000 + people in each chorus, so that our youth once again live!

Jay Chou Concert in Fuzhou

The cool stage design breaks the space constraints and incorporates diversified high-tech elements. About 190,000 LCF field-controlled fluorescent rods and 1,100 square meters of LT series LED transparent screens were used. The whole venue is like a colorful ocean, coupled with the ultra-wide viewing angle, excellent display effect, firmly attracted the attention of all the Jie fans present. At a time when global performances are hot, LCF LT series LED transparent screen, which is extremely lightweight, super waterproof and fast to build, and LCF control glow sticks, which support group control, zone control and point control, have become the preferred choice for first-class celebrity artists and performances at major music festivals, electric festivals and other events.

Jay Chou Concert LED Display

Not only did the choreography effect blow up the room, but the song ordering session was a great way to make the venue cheer. Interacting with one of the fans because of talking about Kobe, Jay was moved to tears, which was the first time many fans saw Jay in tears at a concert. Said good basketball it? Said good and heaven and earth a fight it ...... When Jay sang the fan point of the "maple", a few choked up, turned to the back, touched tens of thousands of fans across the field.

Concert Glow Sticks

Su Youpeng Concert

On May 4, 11 and 17, Su Youpeng met you in the multiverse concerts in Zhengzhou, Beijing and Changsha respectively. In the concert, Su Youpeng sang a number of classic songs, triggering the crowd to kill memories. There is the famous song "Love" of the Little Tigers, as well as the theme songs of TV dramas he starred in after his solo career, such as the theme songs of "Leaning on the Sky to Slaughter Dragons" and "Returning the Pearl".

Stage background LED display

Each tour not only showcases his musical talent, but also brings an unprecedented visual feast to the audience. Stage design with modern high-tech and stage art into one, almost beyond the traditional scope of music performance. The background of the stage is a large LCF LT series transparent screen, the use of transparent screen can take into account the visual and lighting design, a large number of lamps and lanterns hidden behind the transparent screen, with the visual play more stage effects.

Su Youpeng Concert LED Display

A rectangular LCF LY series LED screen was erected in the center of the stage, rotating the stills of his earlier starring roles in "Returning Pearl", "Love in a Deep Rain", and "Leaning on Heaven to Slay the Dragon", which made people full of memories. The scene through different choreography, subtle story, fresh linking Su Youpeng acting career in multiple identities, gradually deconstructed the universe of space multi-level gentle astral body, to achieve a new space-time dialogue, synchronized staggered but warm heartbeat, so that the audience in the audio-visual senses in the multi-universe and a number of "Su Youpeng" classic identity again meet, making the audience excited! The audience was thrilled by the encounter with the classic identities of "Su Youpeng" in the multi-universe.

LED transparent screen

LCF: Cultural and Tourism Complexes with New Quality Productivity

This year's two sessions specified the development of new quality productivity to deal with the relationship between emerging industries, future industries and traditional industries, for the culture and tourism industry to comprehensively and accurately grasp the development of new quality productivity is of great significance as a guide. Today, many places have introduced policies, in the context of the integration of culture and tourism, culture and tourism performing arts are rising at an alarming rate, becoming a shining star in the tourism market.

LED rental screen

LCF is a cultural and tourism complex with new quality productivity, which shows the strong strength of new quality productivity in the field of cultural and tourism performing arts. With its innovation and breakthrough in LED display technology, it has injected new vitality into the cultural tourism and performing arts industry. Through its SKC, "cloud warehouse system" integrates the whole ecological industry chain resources such as performing arts equipment leasing, cultural tourism and cultural creation, IP output, etc. LCF not only brings infinite possibilities for cultural tourism and performing arts, but also successfully creates the star tour concerts such as Jay Chou, Shaohan Zhang, Wu Bai, May Day, Yu Wenwen, Fish Leong, Su Youpeng, A-Mei Zhang, Painkillers, New Pants and so on. It has also successfully created a number of classic projects such as Jay Chou's star tour, as well as the movie "Wandering Earth 2", Dream Hunting Tengwang Pavilion, Dream Hunting Min Du, Bay Lights Group Star Concert, and Huangtian Lychee Culture Festival.

LED transparent screen

Since 2023, with the full recovery of cultural consumption, the global stage performance market has rebounded strongly, and the demand for LED stage rental, transparent screen and field control glow stick products has been growing vigorously.LCF has gained a deep insight into the market changes, and launched high-quality stage display products represented by the LT series and LY series, as well as the glow stick products supporting various field control functions, to further enhance the product power and competitiveness, and to lead the cultural tourism and entertainment industry into a new 2.0 era. Performing arts industry into a new 2.0 era.

field-controlled glow stick

An exciting performance, like a shooting star breaking through the night sky, expelling the complicated reality of life, letting every audience break free from the shackles of pressure, releasing themselves to their heart's content and igniting the passion of May!

LED Spherical Screen

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Concert LED Screen

Bay Area Lights Concert

Zhang Shaohan Concert LED Screen

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Huangtian Lychee Cultural Festival

In the future, as the performance market continues to boom, the development space of the dance display market is still worth looking forward to.LCF will continue to focus on science and technology and product innovation, and continue to research in products, technology and solutions, to inject more innovative power for the LED display business and the high-quality development of the performance industry.