LCF LY-Series New Product Launch Conference Invites You to Witness Together

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Since 2021,


With the spread of COVID-19 vaccines


The global epidemic is gradually stabilizing


Business activity resumed


LED display market demand picked up


Especially in the LED stage rental field


The industry as a whole shows a trend of rising against the trend


LCF's global market is also recovering strongly

As a leading enterprise in the field of LED leasing


LCF always insists on product and technological innovation


Integration of "culture + technology + creativity + sound and light" elements


To form a unique integrated solution of culture and commercial performance


For film and television shooting, entertainment performance and cultural travel industry


Development offers more possibilities


Continue to lead the process of stage show development 



[Live-stream Preview]


14:00-16:00, Sunday, December 12, 2021

[LY-Series Release, Dancing with Future -- LCF New Release Conference of LY-Series Display]

Online live streaming is officially open

LCF invites you to witness the new era of stage art display together!

[Highlights of Live Stream]


How big is the LED stage rental market?


What are the new changes in the industrial layout of LCF?


What are the touching stories in the development process of LCF?


What are the characteristics of LCF LY (PLUS/PRO/MATE)?


What are the preferential policies for ordering on site?


How to "0" yuan trial new product?



There are also industry giants on the scene, as well as a variety of gifts, blessing bag distribution


Double 12 this year


LCF will be there for you!