Shenzhen Venture Capital's 2019 Investment Annual Conference led large-screen leasing project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa Longyi series transparent screens, stage rental screens and other full-color LED displays appeared on the scene of Shenzhen Venture Capital's 2019 annual investment meeting. From August 25th to 26th, 2019, the 2019 Investment Annual Meeting of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shenzhen. The theme of the annual meeting was "Twenty Years of Xiongguan Road, Sail through the Waves and Set Sail" as the theme, gathering resources from all walks of life , Work together to promote the development of enterprises, and create a sample of innovative enterprises in venture capital services. The annual meeting was hosted by Zuo Ding, President of Shenzhen Venture Capital, and specially invited government leaders, industry experts, entrepreneurs, shareholder units, fund LPs and representatives of partners to attend, focusing on the development of innovative enterprises, analyzing macro policies, discussing industry trends, and connecting each other Party resources, and strive for a win-win cooperation. This annual meeting has benefited a lot from visibility. With encouragement and support from all walks of life in the industry, visibility will continue to contribute to the development of the digital transformation of the retail industry.

And this is not Lianchengfa’s first large-scale music concert. In addition, there are also Huawei China Eco-Dahua, the second Digital China Construction Summit..., there are all Lianchengfa dance beauty rental screens. Lianchengfa cultural and travel business performance solutions, providing stage design for the audience to help users uninterrupted high-definition live broadcast. It has a full set of professional audio and video processing system for on-site stage, an original full die-cast aluminum full-sealed cabinet, and a unique quick lock design and seam fine-tuning mechanism. The display screen is more delicate and vivid, allowing creativity to ignite your stage expression.

Product model: P2.97, P3.91, etc.

Project area: 200 square meters

Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Project time: August 2019





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