Mr. Wei Shuqiang, Standing Committee member of Shenzhen Baoan District Party Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department, visited LCF

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On November 3, the United Front Work Department of Shenzhen Bao 'an District Party Committee organized the theme education "Big visit, big discussion, big start and bottom" action and investigation and research, and "Grassroots research Service Day" activities. On the morning of the same day, Wei Shuqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, led a research team to visit the LCF headquarters and investigate the achievements of enterprise innovation and development. Liang Zhi, deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee, secretary of the Party group of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Lu Jixian, other management posts of the fifth level of the District Investment Promotion Agency, Chen Dongzhi, deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee, He Jinjun, other management posts of the sixth level of the District public sports and sports service center, and Zhang Luyu, director of the District United Front Service center, accompanied the research.


The research team deeply understood the production and operation conditions and existing problems of the enterprise, coordinated the difficulties and demands of the development of the enterprise on the spot, injected confidence and impetus into the development of the enterprise, and showed the efficient and pragmatic work style and the spirit of forging ahead of the district Party Committee's United Front Work Department and the District Federation of Industry and Commerce. Long Pingfang, founder and president of LCF, led the company's senior management team to warmly receive the research team.

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Accompanied by President Long Pingfang, the research team first visited the exhibition hall of LCF Headquarters. Field visits were made to LCF XR virtual shooting solution, cultural and tourism business performance solution, industry charge center solution, smart city comprehensive solution, 5G+8K innovative application solution, LX small-pitch LED display, LY LED rental screen, LT LED transparent screen, naked eye 3D content, 3D display, field control glow stick, 5G multi-functional wisdom A series of industry-leading innovation results and applications such as light poles, smart sports venues and event integration solutions, and listened to the introduction of the development history, business layout and business status of LCF.

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At the symposium, President Long Pingfang first expressed his sincere thanks for the visit of the research team, and comprehensively introduced the achievements made by LCF in recent years, as well as the problems encountered in business operation. At the same time, the technical advantages and global classic cases of the LED display application and solution of LCF in the fields of XR virtual shooting, cultural travel business performance, entertainment performance, commercial display, smart city, sports venues and events are explained in detail. LCF's steady development, global layout and innovation-driven core competitiveness were unanimously recognized by the leaders at the meeting.

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Subsequently, President Long Pingfang said that this year, all kinds of global performance activities continue to be hot, from the popular star concerts to the successive music festivals around the world, the offline performance is a "blowout" trend. Among the many business segments of LCF, LED leasing is the part most closely related to the stage performance industry. In the field of leasing, LCF is at the forefront of the industry in terms of product quality, technical level and market share. Since the beginning of this year, LCF, with its core advantages in the field of performing arts rental, has created a number of superstar concerts such as Jay Chou, Wu Bai, Shaohan Zhang, May Day, Yu Wenwen, Zhang Huimei, Tong Yang Band, and other large-scale performance activities such as the Huangtian Lychee Cultural Festival and Time concert. At the same time, LCF is also constantly exploring the deep integration of LED display with film and television, performing arts and other fields, and strives to create a world-class integrated service provider of sound, optoelectronics and intelligent manufacturing.

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Mr. Wei Shuqiang congratulated LCF on being awarded the national specialty special new small giant enterprise, appreciated LCF's rapid growth and innovation ability, and affirmed LCF's high-quality, high-stability LED display products and integrated solutions, and its contributions in the fields of XR virtual shooting, 5G+8K, cultural tourism and performing arts. And for the problems encountered in the industrial development and operation of LCF, on-site coordination with relevant units to follow up and solve. At the same time, it is emphasized that Baoan has unique geographical advantages, transportation advantages and industrial advantages. It is hoped that LCF will make full use of Baoan's resource endowment, continue to gather upstream and downstream supporting facilities and resources, achieve cluster development in Baoan, and strive to promote the high-quality development of Baoan's cultural tourism industry, digital creative industry, intelligent manufacturing and other industries.

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The visit of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, the United Front Work Department, and the leadership of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce gave LCF greater confidence and encouragement, LCF expressed sincere gratitude for the visit and support of the research team, LCF will seize the opportunity of the development of The Times, make full use of the government's policy support, deepen the LED display industry, continue to focus on technology and product innovation, Lead the development of the industry, make unremitting efforts for China's wisdom to shine on the world stage, and strive for a better spiritual and cultural life for people.

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Good news, on the evening of January 5, 2024, the "Bay Area Light" concert co-sponsored by LCF and Sike Culture will be held in Shenzhen Bao 'an Sports Center Stadium. Stars such as Zhang Xinzhe, Gigi Leung, Gremlin - Wang Linkai will be invited to Bao 'an to sing in four parts, and tell the "Spring story" of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area integration with music. Sing the Bay Area, lead Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to walk in the same direction, stimulate young vitality, and help build the Greater Bay Area into a world-class business district. We'll see each other!