The stars are shining! LCF hair big screen amazing Jay Chou, Wu Bai and many other superstar concert

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In 2023, offline performances are everywhere, and October is even more star-studded, Jay Chou, Wu Bai, Shaohan Zhang, Yu Wenwen tour and fans are scheduled to meet in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Wuxi. The scene of each concert is climactic, for the fans all over the world presented a number of extremely imaginative and breakthrough audiovisual feast. In these exciting moments, the LCF LT series LED transparent screen and smart field control glow stick added the finishing touch to the concert. Together, they created a fantastic stage effect with a great sense of modern science and technology, and brought several stunning audio-visual feasts to the audience.


Jay Chou's "Carnival" world tour in Shanghai

From October 12 to 15, a large sea of pink lit up the night sky of the Shanghai Sports Center Stadium, Jay Chou's "Carnival" world Tour concert in Shanghai sang the entire venue for four consecutive performances! This is the "first show" of the concert after the renovation of Shanghai Stadium, and Jay Chou returned to this iconic stadium after 9 years, both for the city of Shanghai and for Jay Chou himself, it is of extraordinary significance.

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At seven o 'clock in the evening, the stage lights lit up on time, Jay Chou in the audience cheers, with a song "Orc" cool opening, instantly evoke the youth memories of the fans. Between the light and shadow, the classic staged, the whole show, Jay Chou sang "Orc" "Compencia of Materia Materia" "Nunchaku" and other more than 30 golden songs, each song is full of deep feeling, every word has a story, a string of Jay Chou and Jie fans through the musical journey.

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The high-standard stage lighting, the refined dress shape, the Barot style space design and the excellent picture quality and the colorful LCF large screen bring the audience the ultimate audiovisual experience. Following the familiar melody, the fans spontaneously waved the LCF smart field control glow sticks in their hands, and 190,000 glow sticks danced at the same time, which was shocking. This scene was like a romantic and bright "pink star", and the Shanghai Sports Center Stadium was lit up with the sound wave. The intelligent glowstick interactive system independently developed by LCF is composed of tens of thousands of leds, which constitute a large area of the large screen, and uses wireless technology to control each LED highlight to achieve stepless RGB color change. At the same time, support group control, district control, point-to-point control, as well as DMX, MIX protocol output, perfect for all performance scenes, so several times appeared in Jay Chou, Angela Chang and other star concerts, music festivals and large-scale performance activities.

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Zhang Shaohan "Fable" world tour concert Shenzhen station

On October 13, Zhang Shaohan opened the Shenzhen station "fable" tour concert, the tour is still by Zhang Shaohan as the overall art, creative director, all hardware, stage, team are built to ultra-high specifications, the whole show every detail is not Zhang Shaohan's intention to present the concept of fable.

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The newly upgraded choreography has both a sense of power and a sense of story, and every detail is strives to be perfect. The visual technology uses D3 processor to bring intuitive three-dimensional visual impact to the audience. These dreamlike visual beauty, as the creative director of Shaohan Zhang participated in the whole process, stage creativity throughout her ideas and suggestions, from rehearsal to the completion of the performance, Shaohan Zhang always adhere to the stage effect of responsibility, adhere to the concept of meticulous, and the team to complete the perfect shape of the stage art.

Not only that, in this year's new return concert, the series of animations as long as nine minutes of micro film, divided into three sections, tells a rather fantastic story - the girl Angela in order to find the oasis resolutely went on a journey, and finally found the oasis in her heart, she nourished the heart with a "dream flower", so that life returned to the most authentic look. This VCR with sincerity and creativity, no matter the cost of subversion and innovation, the use of CG technology produced, while the use of LCF 1300 square meters of LCFTA series LED transparent screen to show Angela's rich inner world, but also seems to tell Angela's experience along the way, The sincerity and creativity of the micro film and the huge screen with ultra-high-definition display effect and excellent color reproduction ability have also become a very surprising part of the concert.

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Wu Bai China Blue ROCK STAR 2023 tour concert Nanjing Station

On October 14, Wubai China Blue ROCK STAR 2023 Tour concert kicked off magnificently in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. In this concert, Wubai shared the joy of music with tens of thousands of audiences and immersed themselves in the emotion brought by this song. He touched everyone's heart with music and pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax. This is not only a musical feast, but also a spiritual baptism.

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When night falls, the stage lights up and tens of thousands of people scream in unison. In such an atmosphere, Wu Bai slowly walked onto the stage with his guitar, ready to go. Whether it is the opening song of the concert "Waves", or the long-unseen "Dear You", "One kiss Beauty", the classic "Ronin Love song", "Norwegian Forest", or even the time-travel magic song "Last Dance" after 27 years, the vitality infused by Wu Bai in Live performance exceeds all people's imagination. In addition to Wubai always maintain a positive and hot state, the stage beauty also maintains the most perfect design, gorgeous lighting, wonderful performance and the cool visual effects displayed on the LCF 300㎡ LT series LED transparent screen are woven into an unforgettable scenery on the stage, which is why, Wu Bai's large-scale concert is definitely not just a scene to be visited once in a lifetime, but a scene that can not be missed every time you come.

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Yu Wenwen "Rubik's Cube Vision" tour concert Wuxi station

In July this year, Yu Wenwen's concert started in Beijing for the first time. In August, Nanjing Station and Shenzhen Station also ended perfectly, and they arrived in Chongqing successively. This time, Jiangsu Station also started singing in Wuxi Sports Center Gymnasium on October 14, and tens of thousands of fans were enjoying the warm and moving music world created by Yu Wenwen.

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For "Yu Wen Wen", there is never a fixed label to describe the three words. Rich life experiences make Wen Wen experience constant growth while feeling the changes in the world, just like the "Rubik's cube" has been rotating around the central axis, and in the process of continuous confusion and restoration, it is combined into different faces.


This concert is still led by the famous Singaporean music producer Kenn C as the music director, and the strong cooperation with Yu Wenwen to make a new arrangement of the song, creating an unknown mysterious "Rubik's Cube vision". The set list of the concert includes the music works of Yu Wenwen since his debut, so that the audience can feel the story of Wen Wen's experience in each period from the music. In addition, the stage is also designed with great care, fully demonstrating the "Rubik's Cube" style, the perfect integration of delicate facial makeup and unique clothing, and the stage beauty such as lighting to create different stage vision, and Yu Wenwen on the stage seems to be the master of the unknown "vision" wantonly show himself and control the whole audience. Finally, through the LCF 500 square meters of LCF500 series LED transparent screen, all details are restored in front of the audience to create the most perfect concert scene!


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LCF LT series LED transparent screen products after continuous improvement and optimization, has become more and more perfect, not only can present rich colors, highly restored and more vivid picture images, but also has stable and reliable, light and transparent, fast lock and other functional advantages. These advantages greatly reduce installation and transportation costs, and can be combined with a variety of creative styling to bring audiences an immersive and exciting audiovisual experience. It is also with such excellent product performance and excellent display effect, the LCF LT series LED transparent screen has become Jay Chou, Angela Chang, May Day, Yu Wenwen, Zhang Huimei, the band and other superstar concerts and large-scale performances of the first choice, their excellent performance is not only favored by the performers, but also won the praise of the audience. No matter the size of the venue or the form of the performance, the LED transparent screen of LCF shows excellent adaptability and reliability, providing unparalleled visual effects and shock for every performance.


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In the future, LCF will continue to focus on technology and product innovation, provide more and better LED display products and creative solutions for stage art, fully help each show wonderful presentation, so that science and technology and art, culture and life collide more sparks, and create a better future for people.