Love full Mid-Autumn Festival happy National Day | LCF to enjoy the holiday with you

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Then September came to an end

National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival just hit a full

Flags flying in the wind and mooncakes floating in the street

The country is peaceful and the people are reunited

This is the best wish for everyone and the family


When the Mid-Autumn Festival meets the National Day, when reunion meets the national birthday

Double festival approaching

To celebrate the traditional festival and the birthday of the motherland

We also want to thank every employee for their hard work

On the afternoon of September 28th

LCF issued holiday benefits to all employees

Convey the company's humanistic care and the affirmation of everyone

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LCF has always regarded its employees as its most valuable asset

To care for employees as their own responsibility

Advocate a good working atmosphere and development environment

This year, the company issued mooncakes, milk and other rich gifts for everyone

So that everyone can not only enjoy leisure time in the festival

You can also have more benefits and wonderful harvest

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Boxes of gifts convey deep warmth

Like sunshine to everyone

It feels so real

This care, like a drizzle

Nourish the hearts of all

A spring of joy and gratitude came to my heart

The whole company is happy

Warm and harmonious, boundless joy

Mid-Autumn Festival 

Behind the welfare activities

LCF's leaders also expressed their concern for employees and their vision for the future

Further enhance the company's cohesion and teamwork spirit

This positive attitude and trust in employees

Stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for work, enhance everyone's self-confidence

To enable people to be more proactive in their work


Concentric people go the same way, and those who dream walk together

Hopefully in the days to come

Laughter and care always accompany

Surprise and moving are always there

May the United Chengfa continue with you in the future

Fighting side by side warm colleagues

 National Day

Moon circle family circle person circle thing circle circle circle

Country and home and people and things and harmony and Meimei

We wish all our families, partners and customers the best

Good things in pairs, full moon, full people, full POTS, full bowls!