The 3rd Information and Communication Industry (Shenzhen) Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen, and digital transformation became a key buzzword

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On May 14, Shenzhen 2021 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day series of activities and the 3rd Information and Communication Industry (Shenzhen) Summit Forum kicked off at the International Conference Center of Kexing Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The theme of “Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Challenging Era” was organized by a combination of online live broadcast and offline attendance. More than 300 information and communication industry leaders, technical experts, and industry elites gathered together to discuss and discuss topics related to digital economy and digital economy. The development of intelligence-related 5G network construction and innovative applications, network security management, big data protection and application, data center construction, artificial intelligence development, green environmental protection and carbon neutrality.

The forum is hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Communications and undertaken by the Shenzhen Communications and Internet Association. As an authoritative forum at the vane level, this forum responds to the theme of "Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Challenging Era". Share innovative applications based on the construction of 5G networks; leading companies conduct benchmarking demonstrations based on the construction of platform ecological chains; innovative companies demonstrate their style based on their own successful cases, and build a digital ecological chain of telecommunications empowerment industry from different dimensions.

He Chengjian, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Communications Administration Bureau, attended this forum and delivered a keynote speech. Director He informed the basic situation of Shenzhen's 5G construction and application development, requiring the entire industry to use digital transformation as the starting point to create a high-quality development highland for the industry. The first is to implement the "5G+8K+AI+cloud" new engine strategy proposed by the seventh party congress in Shenzhen, to further promote the application innovation of "5G+thousands of industries", and to accelerate the digital transformation. Governance reforms, promote the orderly opening of telecommunications services, promote the development of emerging Internet industries, and gather strong industrial forces for Shenzhen’s digital transformation; the third is to further stimulate the vitality of innovative elements, cultivate the market for data elements, build a good digital ecosystem, and promote the development of the digital industry. Greater and stronger; fourth is to further improve the quality of 5G networks, build a world-leading 5G boutique network, and provide a high-quality network environment for Shenzhen’s digital transformation; A 5G network security guarantee system that is regulated by regulation and guaranteed by law. Message to the city's information and communication industry: Take up the mission and build Shenzhen into a global pioneer city in digital transformation.

Accelerating digital transformation requires the participation of all links in the communications industry

Digital transformation has become a key word for economic and social development worldwide, and the digital business transformation of the telecommunications industry is also developing in depth: digital ecosystems, industrial Internet, e-government and smart cities, and the 5G industry have received widespread responses in the entire social system , Business practice exploration has continued to deepen. In the past year, 5G, AI, big data and other technologies have played an important role in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. In this context, the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day in 2021 The theme is set to "accelerate digital transformation in a challenging era". Through digital transformation, information companies will integrate into the global industrial ecosystem on a larger scale and deeper level; through open innovation and integration, promote the development of open innovation in all links of the industrial chain.

Talk about the new trend of industry development

The 2020 epidemic will have a certain impact on the development of the industry, but the development of broadband services, data services, and innovative services is still strong. As of now, Shenzhen has built more than 47,000 5G base stations, becoming the world's first independent 5G network with full domain coverage city. With the increase in 5G penetration rate, the further popularization of 5G terminals, and the further expansion of the number of 5G connections, the overall communications market has still achieved growth. At this forum, industry leaders, technical experts, industry innovators, etc. gathered together, starting from their own business, and published wonderful sharing on industry development and innovative applications.

Senior representatives from the three basic operators of China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom gave keynote speeches at the forum. Representatives of well-known companies in the industry, including China Tower, Tianwei Video, Huawei, Tencent, Rouyu, Lexin, and Yuntian Lifei, also gave keynote speeches at the forum. Discussions and exchanges were made on the application of technological innovation. 5G, blockchain, digitization, and innovation have become the hot words of this forum. With the gathering of industry elites and the collision of ideas, companies based on their own products and technologies have provided many innovative ideas for the integrated development of the industry, and have good expectations for the future development of the industry Expectations.

Liu Yifeng, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Shenzhen Branch:

Relying on the 5G Innovation Center, it will actively build 5G characteristic applications and industry benchmark clusters,           accelerate the scale promotion of 5G applications, and promote 5G to empower thousands of industries.

Zhou Zhuang, deputy general manager of China Unicom Shenzhen Branch:

Create an ingenious network with good network quality, smooth business experience, good customer perception and excellent network services, and create a leading brand of "digital state-owned enterprises" services. Continue to increase investment in 5G, improve 5G independent R&D and innovation capabilities, and improve full-professional business support capabilities.

Hu Tao, Deputy General Manager of Tianwei Video:

Leverage the advantages of the 700MHz golden frequency band, and in-depth exploration of 5G innovative applications with rich radio and television characteristics in the ToG and ToB fields, reserve market space and program capabilities for the full commercial use of radio and television 5G, and enhance the innovative service capabilities of the radio and television industry in the 5G era.

Zhang Dong, Senior Solution Director, China Marketing Department, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.:

The digital economy has become a new driving force for economic development. 5G + cloud + AI, as the basic network of industry digitization, requires the deep participation of all walks of life to jointly create new value.

Wang Jun, Vice President of Tencent Cloud Communications, Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd.:

Work with the industry to achieve more breakthroughs in 5G.

Mo Ruolong, Director of Marketing Operations of Shenzhen Yuntian Refei Technology Co., Ltd.:

5G and AI have become important driving forces for the development of the digital economy. The integration of 5G and AI, 8K, cloud computing and other technologies will open up more possibilities for digital industrialization and industrial digitization. I hope that in the future, we can work with more industry partners to work together. Create the future.

Liu Xiyuan, General Manager of Global Brand Marketing Center of Shenzhen Rouyu Technology Co., Ltd.:

Continue to adhere to the independent and original innovative research and development of flexible electronics technology, empower the intelligent transformation of all walks of life, jointly build and improve the flexible electronics industry ecology, and continuously improve the user experience.

Long Pingfang, President of Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd.:

Based on technology, sincerely recruit talents from China, ride the wind to chase dreams, prepare for a long voyage, and open a new chapter in digital China.

Give full play to the advantages of the media and expand social influence

The ultimate goal of technological development is to serve the society. In order to let the society understand the infinite possibilities brought about by the application and development of telecommunications technology, this forum will be broadcast live on the cloud in real time and invited Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Xinhuanet, Shenzhen Commercial Daily,,, etc. The media serves as a media support organization for the forum. The forum spreads the spirit of the forum through the media, and also allows the whole society to understand the latest developments and cutting-edge technology of telecommunications, and jointly build Shenzhen into a new highland in the communications industry.