LCF 1300㎡ transparent screen and 190,000 light sticks appeared in Jay Chou Hohhot concert!

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Love lasts for a long time, and all the waiting will be worth it. In August, the most beautiful grassland, Jay Chou arrived as promised. A youthful, three-year promise has finally been fulfilled

Jay Chou Hohhot Concert

From August 17th to 20th, Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert Hohhot sang passionately at the Hohhot Stadium, bringing an unforgettable music feast to all local fans who have not seen each other for a long time. LCF Longteng S series LED transparent screen and smart field control fluorescent stick series products shined brilliantly at the concert site, creating a dreamlike cool dance effect, the collision of art and technology, bringing a new immersive The audio-visual experience makes the audience amazed.

Jay Chou Hohhot Concert
Jay Chou

The stage of Uranus superstars, debut is the pinnacle. The stadium, which can accommodate more than 40,000 people, was packed with crowds. The catchy classic melody, the passionate art performance, the beautiful stage lighting, the fantastic linkage of many artists, the cheers and shouts of fans from all over... Jay Chou seemed to be fully charged, every song Full of power and emotion, it brings the fans into one musical climax after another.

LED spherical screen

As the top superstar in the Chinese music scene, Jay Chou's dance beauty is impeccable in every concert. The high-tech dance beauty effect of this concert in Hohhot is even more eye-catching. The overall stage design is simple but not simple. The creative stage is majestic and majestic, like an eagle flying high, marching towards the stars and the sea. The main part of the stage adopts Zhou’s roof-style structure, with a 12-meter-high giant “energy ball across time and space” in the middle, and rectangular LED giant screens on the left and right sides, with bright colors and radiant lights. No matter on the scene or under the camera, there are amazing color output. This is the visual enjoyment brought by the 1300㎡  LCF Longteng S series LED transparent screen, which is harmonious with music, dance, lighting, fireworks, etc., magnificent and magnificent, romantic and passionate, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in music and vision A carnival of art.

Jay Chou Hohhot Concert

At the concert, LCF issued LCF Longteng S series LED transparent screen, with its thin and beautiful design and high-permeability technical advantages, coupled with high-definition picture display and wonderful artistic performance, the audience was exclaimed again and again. . Compared with the traditional stage LED display screen, LCF Longteng S series transparent screen has the characteristics of lightness and transparency, ultra-clear picture quality and super waterproof, which endow stage design with greater creative freedom and imagination space, not only The stage, performance, lighting, and fireworks can be perfectly integrated together, and it can create a cool and vast audio-visual effect.

LED transparent screen
Transparent LED Display

The application of LCF Longteng S series transparent screen products is becoming more and more perfect and mature. With its unique high refresh rate, high contrast, high brightness and other characteristics, it can withstand the screen capture of professional cameras, so that the live screen has no water marks and no scanning. Lines, no shaking, but also allows the rear and off-angle viewers to watch the scene from a long distance without deviation. As a professional dance beauty display product, its powerful functions can almost meet all the requirements of stage performances, so it has appeared several times in concerts and large-scale performances of stars such as Jay Chou, Angela Chang, Mayday, Yu Wenwen, Zhang Huimei, and Painful Band. activity.

Stage LED display

Stage LED spherical screen

In addition to the Longteng series LED transparent screen and the giant energy spherical screen, 190,000 smart field control fluorescent stick products from LCF were also used in the Jay Chou Hohhot concert. The audience waved love light sticks to the rhythm of the music, and at the same time changed the colors uniformly in line with the rhythm of the music, making the whole venue instantly become a colorful ocean, creating a light and shadow space with visual impact, which is in harmony with the stage. The screens and lights on the stage complement each other, closely connecting the audience with the stage, and bringing fans an unforgettable audio-visual feast.

Concert site control fluorescent stick

 LCF self-developed smart light stick and concert comprehensive support solution, using wireless technology to control each LED bright spot, realize RGB color stepless change, support group control of the whole venue, area control and partition, point-to-point control, and DMX, MIX protocol output. The signal is transmitted from the central console, and all the fluorescent sticks at the concert site are uniformly controlled by remote control, so that the fluorescent sticks in the whole venue can change the color and light rhythm uniformly with the change of the stage lighting color, and can also change according to the rhythm of music and the style of music. . The specific color of the fluorescent sticks forms a huge, dynamic fluorescent sea in the dark concert venue, which perfectly blends with the lights and music on the stage, creating an intoxicating audio-visual feast.

LCF field control fluorescent stick

The Hohhot concert is an unforgettable music feast. Jay Chou has won applause and praise from fans with his musical talent and superb singing skills. Jay Chou's concert is not only a feast of music, but also a feast of vision, hearing and touch. Whether it's touching songs or gorgeous stage performances, people are intoxicated, forget the mundane world, immerse themselves in the ocean of music, and feel the boundless charm and magic. Let us continue to look forward to the wonderful performance of Jay Chou's tour in Tianjin Station on September 7th, Taiyuan Station on September 21st and Shanghai Station on October 12th.

Jay Chou Hohhot Concert

In the future, LCF will continue to focus on technology and product innovation, integrate the resources of the entire industry chain, and add new vitality and splendor to various stage performances around the world with better LED display products and creative solutions for stage art, and endow art with technology , culture and life are more possible.