LCF LED screen and light sticks shine at Jay Chou Haikou concert!

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From June 29th to July 2nd, the 2023 Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert was held in Haikou at the Wuyuanhe Stadium in Haikou. Tens of thousands of fans from all over the world gathered in Coconut City to share the carnival feast.  LCF LT S series LED transparent screen and smart light stick series products shined brilliantly at the concert site, and accompanied fans and friends to enjoy the feast together. Jay Chou has a lot of classic songs, each song has a "super-burning" audio-visual experience, instantly exploded the audience, and even made the whole city of Haikou boil!


In the past few days, everyone in Haikou has truly felt that "it's so lively" and "there are so many people"... Jay Chou's concert has become popular, but it's not just the concert. There are nearly 40,000 fans, and the crowds around Wuyuanhe Stadium in Haikou City are even more crowded, setting off a wave of consumption fever. Promotions for Jay fans can be seen everywhere, free milk tea and mojito, exclusive customized confession balloons, giant classmate Zhou, various coupons, etc., even Jay Chou’s songs are played on taxis... the Haikou performance market Prosperity has brought direct economic benefits to the city, and Haikou's hospitality and service guarantee have enhanced the city's popularity and demonstrated a good image of the city.

Jay Chou Haikou Concert

According to information released by the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Culture, Jay Chou's 2023 Carnival World Tour Concert - Haikou Station attracted tens of thousands of tourists from all over the country. The hotels along the west coast near the stadium were almost full. rate of more than 85%.

Jay Chou concert

The "Carnival" world tour is Jay Chou's concert to celebrate his 20th anniversary since his debut. The whole show created a fantasy music kingdom for fans. Every classic track was played, and there were screams and climaxes. Many classic songs The song detonated the audience, and the grand occasion was unprecedented. Every song of Jay Chou carries the youthful memories of the post-8090 generation...

Jay Chou concert

Jay Chou’s concert has always used LCF’s  stage creative LED display and smart light stick series products, and this concert is no exception. LCF’s  1300㎡ Dragon LED transparent screen and 160000 heart-shaped fluorescent stick series products are used . As for the presentation of stage dance, Jay Chou has maintained a consistent high level in this concert. Through his visual and auditory creativity and design, he has made the theme elements of "Carnival" and the audio-visual presentation highly integrated and unified, which has also impressed the entire audience. In the same time and space, you can listen to it heartily and watch it with endless joy.

LED transparent screen

LED spherical screen

Haikou is the first stop of the 2023 Jay Chou tour in the mainland, and an immersive stage experience was created on the spot. The LED background surrounded the main stage, and all the audience at the scene could see Jay Chou's performance in all directions.  LCF Dragon series transparent screens create an immersive LED background. As the main display device on site, LCF giant LED spherical screen with a height of 10 meters and a diameter of 12 meters is located in the middle of the stage, 360° immersive playback. 3D stereoscopic visual effects, scenery, lighting, and LCF heart-shaped light sticks issued by Liancheng on the spot echo each other and complement each other, bringing audiences an unparalleled immersive audio-visual experience.

Transparent screen

LCF LT S series LED transparent screen series products have ultra-high-definition picture quality, bright and soft color expression, and can reproduce rich colors, high reducibility, and more vivid images. At the same time, it has the advantages of being stable, light and transparent, and not afraid of wind and rain. As a professional dance beauty display product, its powerful functions can almost meet all the requirements of stage performances, so it has appeared several times in concerts of stars such as Jay Chou, Angela Chang, and Mayday, as well as Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival, Shenzhen C-LOUD Music Festival, Huangtian Lizhi Cultural Festival and other large-scale music festival activities.

light stick

A total of 160,000 fluorescent sticks used in this concert are also LCF love smart fluorescent stick series products issued by Liancheng. The smart fluorescent stick interactive system independently developed by LCF is composed of tens of thousands of LED illuminants to form a large-scale large screen. It uses wireless technology to control each LED bright spot to achieve stepless changes in RGB colors. At the same time, it adopts acoustic, optical and wireless communication technologies to support group control of the whole venue, area control of partitions, point-to-point control, and DMX, MIX protocol output. Through different field control methods, the entire venue sometimes becomes a "purple sky", sometimes merges into a "pink ocean", and sometimes shines into a "red sea of lights"... Perfectly blending the emotion, rhythm and atmosphere of the scene, Create a music feast integrating vision, hearing, touch and interaction.


Jay Chou's four-night concert was a huge success, and the waves of enthusiastic cheers at the scene are the best proof of the audience's satisfaction with the concert. Let us continue to look forward to Jay Chou's concerts in Hohhot on August 17th, Tianjin on September 7th and Taiyuan on September 21st!

concert light stick

Recently, major star concerts and music festivals continue to emerge, and LCF can be seen everywhere in major performances. In the future, LCF will continue to focus on technology and product innovation, and use more high-quality LED creative display products and stage art solutions to add new vitality and brilliance to various stage performances around the world, and bring more and more excitement to music fans. audio-visual feast.