2022 LCF Group New Year's Message

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Years go by, heaven rewards diligence。In the past year, LCF  has experienced the constraints of the epidemic and many ups and downs. Although the road has been bumpy, it has achieved remarkable results. The output value is more than 3 billion. On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, I sincerely thank all the staff of LCF for their hard work and hard work. I wish you all the best in the new year.

2021 is a year of harvest. With the support of leaders at all levels, including city, district and sub-district, the company has established a labor union, a women's federation, a volunteer organization, and a party branch.With the hard work and efforts of LCF people, it has successively won the "National Specialized, Special New Little Giant Enterprise", "Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base", "Executive Director Unit of China International Cooperation Association for Small and Medium Enterprises", "Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Development Promotion" Honorary qualifications such as "President Unit of the Association" and "Executive Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Smart Pole Industry Promotion Association".In terms of product series, LCF's "Longyi" series of products was born and became the leading product in the performing arts industry. The first 5G smart light pole project has contributed to the construction of human wisdom;Shenzhen's largest music festival of the year - C-LOUD Music Carnival, spread "love" together with Peking University, and demonstrated the spirit of surpassing yourself in the Tokyo Olympic Athlete Gate;These gratifying and exciting achievements prove that the company's strategic direction is clear, its positioning is accurate, its decision-making is correct, and its team is solid. We would like to thank everyone for your strong support, and also thank all LCF staff for their unremitting efforts over the past year!

A new year is coming to us, and in 2022 we will face new challenges and more development opportunities,For better development and a better future, the company will continue to optimize and improve its internal management system and improve work efficiency,Improve brand awareness, let the brand empower products, empower the market, and increase market shareExpanding production capacity allows intelligent manufacturing to extend to all processes, allowing the company to enter the "fast lane" for development.On such a day of national celebration, Liancheng would like to express our heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes to you and your family.。