LCF LED spherical screen and fluorescent sticks appear in 2023 Jay Chou Hong Kong concert

Project introduction: LCF LT S series LED transparent screen, creative LED spherical screen and smart light stick series products shocked the Hong Kong station of the 2023 Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert. From May 5th to 14th, Jay Chou's "Carnival" World Tour Concert held 7 performances in Hong Kong's central waterfront event space. Facing the gorgeous sea view of Victoria Harbour, the first song opened with a dazzling high-altitude fireworks show and the Ferris wheel in the surrounding amusement park, which just echoed the theme of the concert "Carnival". Among them, the immersive stage made by Lianchengfa Longteng S series transparent screen and LED spherical screen has become a highlight of this concert. Lianchengfa Longteng series LED spherical screen is combined into one by 6 units. Each unit group can not only play video independently, but also can be spliced together to play a complete picture. Through the 360° full-view display, the perfect combination of realistic pictures and shocking music allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the warm live atmosphere and enjoy this magnificent visual feast. The 22,800 fluorescent sticks used in this concert are still Liancheng's heart-shaped fluorescent stick series products, with built-in sensor chips, which support multiple field control methods. The colors of all fluorescent sticks are uniformly controlled through field control, so that the entire venue sometimes becomes a "purple sky", sometimes converges into a "blue ocean", and sometimes shines into a "pink sea of lights"... In addition, DIY editing is also possible More colors and flashing patterns, such as left and right flowing water, marquees, etc., can also be edited according to the actual placement of the product. The pride is still unfinished.

  • Product model: P8, love light stick

  • Project area: 12m in diameter, 10m in height, 22,800 pieces

  • Project Location: Hong Kong, China

  • Project time: May 2023

Jay Chou Hong Kong Concert

LED spherical screen

LED transparent screen

light stick  

Creative LED spherical screen



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