Zhejiang Jiaxing Urban Planning Museum LED display project

Project introduction: LCF P2 full-color LED display was displayed in xiushui New Area exhibition Hall in Linhu Wetland Park, Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. With the rise of a city, urban planning museum is bound to shoulder the responsibility of showing the achievements of urban construction and future planning, and with the development of The Times, multimedia display technology is also constantly updated and expanded, in a new diversified form, staged a wonderful performance. The three-storey pavilion covers an area of 15,690 square meters, where multimedia display system technology allows the development of the city to be heard and seen by the public. 5G, VR, MR, LED, industrial robots and other scientific and technological means to shine, including LED display area of more than 500 square meters, digital kaleidoscope, immersive experience, flying cinema, China map, boating, energy bike, general model and other characteristics of the display have display screen figure. Based on the two core exhibition items and eight exclusive highlights, the whole exhibition hall displays the overall situation of Xiuzhou District, urban-rural integration work, construction achievements and future planning of Xiushui New Area, aiming to build an internationally leading and first-class modern urban-rural integration experience center in China. In this project, we created a large screen with both curves and edges for the exhibition item. The inner arc extends the perspective, and the polygon design adds a touch of novelty. Personalized color and high-definition picture, integration of special environment, full of atmosphere, as if into a huge kaleidoscope. In addition to the personalized video special effects, the perfect display effect also tests the stitching technology of video carrier. Here, we also adopt the indoor HD P2LED display screen, seamless stitching + HD display, to build a multi-faceted geometry with rich sense of layers, strong sense of space, and a perfect visual match. They quietly stick to their jobs, allowing urban planning to take turns.

Product Model: P2

Project area: 500㎡

Location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Project time: August 2021





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