2019 Angela Chang's "Journey" Macau Concert LED Hollow Screen Project

Project introduction: Lianchengfa Longyi Dragon series hollow screen, stage rental screen and other full-color LED displays were unveiled at the Macau station of Angela Chang's "Journey" world tour concert in 2019. Regarding Angela Chang’s impression, do many people stay in the junior high school years? The song "Walking in the Rain" has been echoing in our ears endlessly, full of power and hope, and inspired many young people to pursue their dreams. New students! The tortuous and colorful life is a journey, travel is a journey, and the road of performing arts is a journey. This journey is no longer a nostalgia, no longer a memory, but to continue to move forward for us. Bring wonderful singing and continue a wonderful life. "Journey" is not just a concert, it also tells Angela Chang's life. The various styles of the scene turned the audience high, which made people immersed in it and couldn't stop it. Lianchengfa brought its Dragon Art, Dragon series hollow screens, transparent screens, stage rental screens and other products to collectively help out, providing a perfect visual experience for Angela Chang's concert, fully and vividly showing the dynamic stage. And this is not Lianchengfa’s first large-scale concert. In addition, there are also the 2019 Jay Chou Carnival World Tour, 2018 Zhang Jingying’s Concert, 2019 Crossover Singer Live, and Wilber Pan’s "Cominghome" tour. The concert, Zhang Jie’s “Unlive” concert tour, Xiao Jingteng’s Shenzhen Bay concert, A-lin’s “Four Seasons” concert, Wu Bai’s “Rockstar” concert, etc., have all appeared on Liancheng’s dance beauty rental screens.

Liancheng publishes cultural and travel business performance solutions, providing stage design for the audience to help users uninterrupted high-definition live broadcast. It has a full set of professional audio and video processing system for on-site stage, an original full die-cast aluminum full-sealed cabinet, and a unique quick lock design and seam fine-tuning mechanism. The display screen is more delicate and vivid. The perfect combination of lifelike pictures and shocking music creates a dreamy stage effect, allowing the audience to fully blend into it, immersing in the warm live atmosphere, participating in the star-lit audiovisual feast throughout, and letting creativity ignite your stage performance force.

Product model: P6.944

Project area: 500 square meters

Project location: Macau

Project time: March 2019





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